“This is a beautiful place. Cleanest place I’ve ever been. The rehab team is fantastic and so are the girls in dialysis. Everyone here is great.”

– Alfred Storti

“I am so thankful, being able to have dialysis right here.  It was just great to build that.  I love it.  The girls are so sweet, I love them, too.  Linda and Kristina.  So grateful to not have to go out in weather like this.  I feel much better because of the dialysis (program) and I love the nursing staff!”

– Shirley Donnelly

“I am a dialysis patient here, I love it. I didn’t like transporting back and forth. It is very convenient being in-house. Everyone is nice. I already knew the tech Kristina from my other place, so it was nice to see a familiar face. Linda, the nurse, is also very nice.”

– Gina Kinama

“I really love the food. I have nice meals. I LOVE the soup, Luigi is a great cook! There is a lot of help and they are very kind to us. People that need extra care, the nurses and aids put in the extra attention. The aids are very nice.”

– Elizabeth Moriarty

“I like it here very much. They take good care of me.”

– Linda Lovatt

“The food is definitely better. I get good food. I give credit out to Gladys, Geddy, Rosa and Irene. All good nurses and aides. I appreciate all they do.”

– Doris Boucher

“I love it here. A lot actually. The way they treat you is very caring. The whole bunch of them. The food is good. I am happy, I really am.”

– Carol Hall

“Activities are really good, I enjoy them very much. Cass is a great nurse, Hannah is great, and also the CNAS. Office personnel are good to me. Melissa and Kristina help me out a lot and they really care.”

– Ed Aquilante

“I like being here for the dialysis. Doing it here is good for me. I hated the cold during transportation. Then the rest of the day I have to myself. I have the in between days to do rehab and activities. The staff are very nice. Kristina, the dialysis tech, is great.”

– Kandy Rainey

“The staff are great here and I’m happy with everything.”

– Kevin Mulligan

“The nurses are nice and the CNAs are great, I have some favorites. Cass the nurse, activities, Wally and his rehab team, Kristina in admissions, I like everybody.”

– John Carpinelli

“I love it here at Lincolnwood. I love living here. I love all the activities. I have fun doing that.”

– Mark Schiavulli

“The Physical Therapy is great, they are really known for that. No one staff particularly stood out, they were all good!”

– Steven Carrera

“Great workmanship. The communication is great. I liked all the staff. And I was treated well.”

– Luis Nouel

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