“This is the best nursing home he has ever been to. The attention he received here was way more than I could have expected, and this is a real rehab center.”

– Mrs. Smith, Wife of resident, Robert Smith

“I was very pleased with the care I received at Lincolnwood and was most happy with the staff. All staff were very caring and professional, and I would certainly choose Lincolnwood again for any future rehab needs.”

– M.B.

“I am very happy with my mother’s time at Lincolnwood.  Her needs are being met and she has indicated that she would rather be there than at home. Things are even better than expected, so thank you.”

– The Dugas Family

“You all take such wonderful care of my mother. You took great care of my dad too, so it’s not surprising. I just wanted to say thank you again… so much!”

– Tom Calkins

“From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for all that you did in caring for Mitchel Krzyzek. You are a loving group of professionals and helped us in his journey. God bless you all. We truly appreciate all you did for us.”

– Denise, Dave, and Mitch Krzyzek

“The rehab and nursing were excellent. Even my roommate was great! I would and will recommend Lincolnwood to everyone I know.”

– Thomas Wheatley

“I am happy to be going home, but so sad to leave. All of the staff took great care of me, PT and nursing, but especially Lillian. I will really miss all of you.”

– Arnaldo Rosa Aviles

“We had her transferred here from a supposed five-star home and you are the true stars. Five plus! She could not have been happier with her stay and all of the staff – which was a huge relief to us. We will be recommending Lincolnwood to everyone we know. We are so thankful for all of you and everything you’ve done. Beautiful building and beautiful, streamlined care.”

– Family of Reyna Morales

“This is a beautiful place. Cleanest place I’ve ever been. The rehab team is fantastic and so are the girls in dialysis. Everyone here is great.”

– Alfred Storti

“I am so thankful, being able to have dialysis right here.  It was just great to build that.  I love it.  The girls are so sweet, I love them, too.  Linda and Kristina.  So grateful to not have to go out in weather like this.  I feel much better because of the dialysis (program) and I love the nursing staff!”

– Shirley Donnelly

“I am a dialysis patient here, I love it. I didn’t like transporting back and forth. It is very convenient being in-house. Everyone is nice. I already knew the tech Kristina from my other place, so it was nice to see a familiar face. Linda, the nurse, is also very nice.”

– Gina Kinama

“I really love the food. I have nice meals. I LOVE the soup, Luigi is a great cook! There is a lot of help and they are very kind to us. People that need extra care, the nurses and aids put in the extra attention. The aids are very nice.”

– Elizabeth Moriarty

“I like it here very much. They take good care of me.”

– Linda Lovatt

“The food is definitely better. I get good food. I give credit out to Gladys, Geddy, Rosa and Irene. All good nurses and aides. I appreciate all they do.”

– Doris Boucher

“I love it here. A lot actually. The way they treat you is very caring. The whole bunch of them. The food is good. I am happy, I really am.”

– Carol Hall

“Activities are really good, I enjoy them very much. Cass is a great nurse, Hannah is great, and also the CNAS. Office personnel are good to me. Melissa and Kristina help me out a lot and they really care.”

– Ed Aquilante

“I like being here for the dialysis. Doing it here is good for me. I hated the cold during transportation. Then the rest of the day I have to myself. I have the in between days to do rehab and activities. The staff are very nice. Kristina, the dialysis tech, is great.”

– Kandy Rainey

“The staff are great here and I’m happy with everything.”

– Kevin Mulligan

“The nurses are nice and the CNAs are great, I have some favorites. Cass the nurse, activities, Wally and his rehab team, Kristina in admissions, I like everybody.”

– John Carpinelli

“I love it here at Lincolnwood. I love living here. I love all the activities. I have fun doing that.”

– Mark Schiavulli

“The Physical Therapy is great, they are really known for that. No one staff particularly stood out, they were all good!”

– Steven Carrera

“Great workmanship. The communication is great. I liked all the staff. And I was treated well.”

– Luis Nouel

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